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Event Coverage: HCI Seminar - Dissecting Health Vision and Excellent Human Resources 2019-2024

Coincided with World Suicide Prevention Day on Tuesday (10/9), Harvard Club Indonesia (HCI) organized a health talk at the Indonesian House of Representatives. During the event, experts who are HCI members explained various challenges in the health sector from various aspects, starting challenges in passing and implementing the mental health law to the challenges in achieving Universal Health Coverage and health financing.

In her opening speech, Melli Darsa, the President of Harvard Club Indonesia who also serves as Deputy Chairperson of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KADIN) in Law and Regulation, stated that this discussion was part of a series of events regularly held by HCI. Under her administration HCI aim to partner with the government by providing thoughts, inputs, and constructive criticisms. The HCI health discussion program was attended by a number of health experts and practitioners. Each conveys ideas and discussions about different but interrelated aspects in health sector.

Nova Riyanti Yusuf, MD, SpKJ, member of the House of Representatives Commission IX, highlighted the issue of mental health which must be part of the priority in President Jokowi's second term administration. According to Nova, who is also a professional psychiatrist, mental health issues has entered a critical period because the burden also impacted the young generation but has not become a priority for the government up until this time.

Meanwhile, Nurul Luntungan, MD, M.P.H. graduates of T.H. Chan School of Public Health 2013-2014, added that the vision of Indonesia's health must be accompanied by firm commitment and strong leadership.

Another speaker at the discussion, Izhari Mawardi, B. Eng., S.AP., MPP, Director of Ernst & Young, and President of Indonesia Partnership and Consultants Foundation, Harvard Kennedy School of Masters in Public Policy 2011-2013, highlighted the important of workforce states as part of human resource and health development. He argued that the vision on health and human resource development is interrelated and must be in harmony.

Separately, former Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia period 2012-2014, Nafsiah Mboi, MD, Sp. A, M.P.H., stated that the problem of reforming the health sector in Indonesia requires inter sectoral collaboration from various parties.

"Health problems in Indonesia are not just who is healthy, who is sick. Improving health in Indonesia will involve issues in inequality, quality of service, and must tackle financial challenges. It takes hard and long-term work so that the challenges in implementation can be resolved. For that we need supports and cooperation from all parties, including that at the national and regional levels, " said Nafsiah who is also a member of HCI and a Research Fellow of the Takemi Program in International Health, School of Public Health Harvard University.






HCI Event Coverage: Indonesia 2045 & Vision of A New Vapital 
Harvard Club Indonesia held a discussion forum titled "Towards Indonesia's Vision 2045 and New Capital City" at the Ministry of National Development Planning / Bappenas, Jakarta, on Friday June 28, 2019. The discussion forum was attended by around 100 alumni and Harvard University students, HCI members, and alumni -alumni from Ivy League Universities in the United States, as well as a number of other leading universities from the United Kingdom and Asia. The vision involves the establishment of a new smart, green, sustainable capital in a less volcano/earthquake prone location, being possibly in Kalimantan. Funding for the new capital is contemplated to be from both the national budget public private partnership and to commence gradually since 2022 and beyond






HCI Student Send Off 2019

Each year, Harvard Club Indonesia (HCI) host a dinner to celebrate current and upcoming students. This year, HCI organized the Student Send Off Dinner in Kembang Goela Restaurant, Jakarta on Wednesday July 31, 2019. The event was attended by ten current and upcoming students, and about twenty HCI members. 
This event was a wonderful opportunity for the students to gain network and learn from the members’ experience. HCI members also enjoyed the evening through a casual and warmth dinner while getting to know the new class and learning about their exciting stories.